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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am a new manager at a coop. My predecessor left me with a silo full of damaged soybeans. The beans are bridged and will not flow. Can you extract and purchase this product?

  2. I had a bin of corn catch fire, can you get the corn out of the bin and negotiate with my insurance company?

  3. I have a farmer customer with wheat that is several years old and the bugs have rendered it useless to me, can you help?

  4. My parents left me their farm in their will. I have sold the ground to developers and have to move several bins of grain fast. Can you extract, haul, and pay me for the grain without my involvement?

    Also, can you find me a replacement property to buy so I can utilize a 1031 exchange and not pay a huge tax bill?

  5. I’m a farmer and my corn was hit by an early frost. My local elevator won’t buy it and I can’t find a market. Do you buy corn like this? Will you establish a value for my insurance company and give me the proper documentation so I can receive my LDP payment?

  6. I have a rail car rejected at a processor due to infestation. Can you vac the grain from the car, transport it to your facility, treat it, and haul it back to the processor?

  7. I am a farmer. I climbed my bin of corn and found it to be black in color, foul spelling and growing. I turned my auger on and nothing will come out. Can you get the corn out and is it worth anything?

All of these questions are routine situations we encounter almost daily and can easily accommodate. Don’t see your situation? Please give us a call; chances are we've probably cured it for someone else.

Don't let our location stop you from calling. We travel nationwide!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We pay top dollar for damaged grain. Let 26 years of experience handle most any problem grain for you and your customers. Grain vacs and trucks are available nationwide to extract and transport your grain. Contract elevator cleaning available with insured, confined space trained crews.
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