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We’ve helped over 10,000 customers in our 36 years of experience. We can handle most any problem grain for you and your customers. Grain vacs and trucks are available nationwide to extract and transport your grain. Contact elevator cleaning available with insured, confined space trained crews.

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01 – About Us

Pruess Elevator, INC. (PEI) trades salvage grain daily nation wide, which puts us in tune with the market.


Years of experience in helping with damaged grains


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We pay top dollar for damaged grain in virtually any condition. We handle fires, spills, moldy, sour, mixed, infested grain and more. Corn, soybeans, wheat, milo and rice are the main commodities we transport. If you have something not mentioned, run it by us! We thrive on thinking outside the box to give you a solution.

We extract and merchandise about any damaged grain from farm bins, elevators, silos, spills and barges. Past and present accounts include farmers to major export terminals. PEI has several self-contained vacs to move your grain in a fast, professional, and discreet manner. We provide trucks, rail cars or barges to haul your grain from the site. Support equipment such as excavators, end loaders, skid steers, screeners are available to get the job done. We pride ourselves on providing solutions for you and your customers. Give us a call and let our salvage squad go to work for you.

We specialize in on site evaluations of cost situations and provide an “AS IS, WHERE IS” bid so you know exactly where you stand before any work is performed. Tens of thousands of our customers have repeatedly expressed gratitude for our no contingency approach. PEI’s merchandisers and crews are courteous,hard working, and driven to get the job done safely and fast. For years customers have called us and commented on our crew’s professional performance and what nice people they were.

Elevator silos or bins need cleaned out or your employees not trained or motivated to get the job done? PEl can help. Our crews will vac your clogged bins, bin bottoms or salvage grain. Our turnkey service will cure the problem. Contract cleaning is also available. Please call us with your situation.

If you have any damaged grain, let the proven leader go to work for you. Remember, one call does it all, 1-800-828-6642.

02 – Frequently Asked Questions

Still have Questions? You will know us better below here

All of these questions are routine situations we encounter almost daily and can easily accommodate. Don’t see your situation? Please give us a call; chances are we’ve probably cured it for someone else.

I am a new manager at a coop. My predecessor left me with a silo full of damaged soybeans. The beans are bridged and will not flow. Can you extract and purchase this product?

We have confined space-trained crews that can enter the structure to get the beans out using a grain vac to extract.

I had a bin of corn catch fire, can you get the corn out of the bin and negotiate with my insurance company?

Depending on the level of the fire, we get the bin opened up and remove with heavy equipment.  We provide detailed information such as settlements showing the bushels and any associated costs involving the extraction of the grain.

I have a farmer customer with wheat that is several years old and the bugs have rendered it useless to me, can you help?

Typically that old of grain will not flow out of the bin via the old auger system.  We provide self-contained vacs and trucks to remove it from the bin and transport it to our market.

My parents left me their farm in their will. I have sold the ground to developers and have to move several bins of grain fast. Can you extract, haul, and pay me for the grain without my involvement?

We will meet you at the site and assess what it takes to get your grain moved. Many times the heir doesn’t even have to be present. We take care of the whole process. We have several real estate companies we can rely on to get you a replacement property.

I’m a farmer and my corn was hit by an early frost. My local elevator won’t buy it and I can’t find a market. Do you buy corn like this? Will you establish a value for my insurance company and give me the proper documentation so I can receive my LDP payment?

We can move your grain or if it is a situation where the crop has no value, we can provide the documentation for your insurance adjuster to get your claim settled.

I have a rail car rejected at a processor due to infestation. Can you vac the grain from the car, transport it to your facility, treat it, and haul it back to the processor?

We can go to the rail siding where the car sits and remove it from the car. We then transport it to our facility for fumigation. After the gas is released, we will transport it back to your market.

I am a farmer. I climbed my bin of corn and found it to be black in color, foul spelling and growing. I turned my auger on and nothing will come out. Can you get the corn out and is it worth anything?

Bridged grain is dangerous! Our experienced crews will vac your grain safely and transport it our markets.

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